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Sunday 21st October

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A one day women’s festival of INSPIRATION, EMPOWERMENT and CONNECTION

Panel Discussions          Workshops          Inspirational speakers          Story Telling          Dancing          Singing          Wellbeing

Welcome to She'ela Festival

She’ela Festival, a one day event of presentations and workshops by Jewish women for women. This event showcases some of the many talented and remarkable women in the Melbourne Jewish community and beyond. It is a unique opportunity for women to access a wealth of experience in a diverse and all-inclusive environment. Sessions run all day with flexibility to come and go according to what appeals to you.

Following the success of last year which featured over 40 guest speakers, She'ela Festival 2018 will offer another exciting array of sessions along the theme 'Back to Basics'.


1. Noun, Australian slang.
A great and loving person, someone that you can call a sister.

2. Noun, Hebrew.
A question or inquiry
3. Event, Melbourne.
A one day women’s festival of inspiration, empowerment and connection

2018 She'ela Patron

Danielle McKeown

It is my pleasure to support the She’ela festival, encouraging women to come together, be informed and invigorated, explore new ideas and experiences and of course, to question.


This year’s theme is “back to basics” so it is particularly gratifying to support those struggling with that most basic need, shelter. The problem of homelessness in our cities seems, bafflingly, to be without a solution. Orange Sky Australia is a charity organisation that takes mobile washing machines and showers to those in need. The volunteers who work with the service also provide another basic need, human contact. The name comes from the song, ‘Orange Sky’, which is about lending a hand to those in need.


I look forward to immersing myself in this very special day and I hope to see you there.

2018 She'ela Presenters

“In October 2014, two best mates had a crazy idea to put two washing machines and two dryers in the back of a van, and wash and dry clothes for free. Nicholas Marchesi and Lucas Patchett founded Orange Sky Laundry – a world-first, free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. On a mission to improve hygiene standards, Nic and Lucas stumbled on something much bigger and more significant – the power of a conversation. Every week, Orange Sky completes over six tonnes of washing, but more importantly, fosters more than 1,200 hours of genuine and non-judgmental conversation. With 24 laundry, shower and hybrid vans in operation around the country, Orange Sky Australia aims to positively connect communities.”